Charles Laven, President, UHAB Board
President, Forsyth Street Advisors, which provides financial advisory and consulting services to housing finance agencies, mortgage and investment banking firms, developers, foundations, and nonprofits

Richard Heitler, Treasurer

Clifford P. Charles
Accountant in his own firm, which provides accounting services to many shared-equity co-ops
C. Knox LaSister III
Attorney and developer of low-income housing in New York and New Orleans
Mary Ann Rothman
Executive Director, the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums
Ingrid Kaminski
Retired insurance executive
Lawrence McGaughey
Advisor, UHAB Board
The Very Reverend James P. Morton
Housing, social justice, and environmental activist
Retired Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Former director of the Interfaith Center of New York


Andrew Reicher, Executive Director
Anya Irons, Director of Operations
Janice Lancaster, Office Manager

Finance & Administration

Carolina Prado, Director
Maria Milanes, Assistant Director

Communication & Fundraising

Rania Dalloul


Co-op Development

Anya Irons, Director
Celeste Hornbach, Director of New Co-op Development

Co-op Preservation

Fernando Alarcon, Co-Director
Oscar McDonald, Co-Director
Javier Crespo
Cheryl Tidwell
Yolanda Rivera 
Weronika Kosior

Management & Organizational Development

Brent Sharman, Director
Milagros Gerena-Rochet
Amy Rosado
Kenneth Soto
Pedro Torres

Training & Special Projects

Marina Metalios, Director
Kenneth Soto, Assistant Director, Training & Consulting
Wanda Chappell
Hilary Glaus, Bilingual Senior Project Associate, Training & Consulting

Member Services

Emily Ng, Director
Fabio Eugenio, Assistant Director
Arneudis Estevez
Sasha Hill
Eliana Steinberg


Anya Irons, Director / General Counsel
Teri Hagan
Amy Rosado

Organizing, Policy & Research

Samantha Kattan, Director
Alexander Roesch
Manuel Ortiz
Gloria Villatoro
Madel Hidalgo
Crystal Vizcaino
Sumathy Kumar

Sister Joan Kirby

May 24, 1926 -- September 9, 2015

We at UHAB are grateful to have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Sister Joan Kirby, who served on our board for 25 years.  From 1981 to 1984, she was a housing counselor and director of home ownership for Housing Conservation Coordinators.  She then became executive director and president of Homes for the Homeless in New York, 1986-88, before joining our board in 1989.  In 2014, she retired after two decades at the helm of the Temple of Understanding, an interfaith cross-cultural educational organization affiliated with the United Nations.