37th Annual CNYC Housing Conference

UHAB partners with the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums, and we invite you to join us at the 37th Annual CNYC Housing Conference.  

You’re invited to join UHAB and co-op and condo building leaders at the conference which offers 66 seminars and 45 exhibits, including special UHAB-sponsored workshops for you and your HDFC. 

**You must register through UHAB by 10/25**

For more than forty years, UHAB has provided technical assistance, training, and services for Housing Development Fund Corporation(HDFC) cooperatives throughout New York City. UHAB partners with CNYC to offer a special workshop track for HDFCs at the Annual Housing Conference.

The HDFC workshops are:

6. Ask UHAB: Governance and Managing Your Manager

In this interactive class, UHAB staff members will discuss issues your limited-equity HDFC co-op may be facing related to matters of governance of the co-op and working with a manager to handle your HDFC’s business. Topics will include contracts, accountability, and communication between the board and shareholders and the managing agent.

106. Basics for New Co-op Board Members

In this interactive class, UHAB staff members will discuss matter important to any co-op whether HDFC co-ops or other co-ops: basics that every new board member needs to know. This class is appropriate for any co-op shareholder interested in serving on the board or newly elected to their board of directors. Topics that will be addressed included finances, operations and governance — especially participation, community building and decision-making.

206. Wills and Estates Issues in Limited Equity Cooperatives

This class will offer information that will help both board members and shareholders in limited equity cooperatives understand their rights and responsibilities relative to inheritance and transfer of apartments on death. Attorneys will discuss how family members and boards in HDFC cooperatives should proceed after the death of a shareholder, including steps that they can take to avoid having apartments tied up in legal proceedings to settle an estate. Many issues parallel those in conventional cooperatives: Who gets the apartment? Can a board reject an heir? What if maintenance is not being paid? Other issues are unique to HDFCs or to limited equity housing.

217. Alternatives to Privatization for HDFC & Mitchell-Lama Cooperatives

Former head of the Real Estate Finance Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s Office, Erica Buckley returns to her roots in affordable housing to present a class suggesting a variety of alternatives for limited equity cooperatives whose members seek to preserve affordability while also opening avenues for modest wealth building. Topics of discussion will include Article II to Article XI conversions for Mitchell-Lamas, HDFC and DHCR refinancing options, as well as simple corporate amendments to HDFC governing documents that adopt new area median income for incoming shareholders. Ms. Buckley will be joined by experts from City and State agencies. Time will be reserved at the end of the presentation for questions from participants.


Discounts are available to HDFCs, UHAB members, and CNYC members.  We have a special joint membership to UHAB and CNYC so ask about benefits of membership today! 

You must register through UHAB with your workshop selections
by Wednesday, October 25th in order to get the special registration discounts, 
so call today!

To register or learn more about membership, contact Emily Ng at
212-479-3318 or ng@uhab.org

For an online brochure, visit www.uhab.coop/cnyc

Nov 12 2017 - 8:00am - 5:30pm

Location: Eleanor Roosevelt High School
411 East 76 Street, New York, NY 10021 between York Avenue and First Avenue