Free Class: Complying with Local Law 84 Benchmarking

As of 2018, buildings with lots that exceed 25,000 square feet will have to comply with Local Law 84 to report to the city the building's energy usage information.

The NYC Benchmarking Help Center can help you do this Benchmarking reporting (for free!), saving you from hiring an outside contractor to do the work.


NYC Benchmarking Help Center can be contacted for one-on-one live support and help:

Phone: 212-566-5584


Non-compliance for the Benchmarking reporting results in penalties; your building would incur $500 fine at the 2018 deadline if you do not comply.



Since 2011, New York City's Local Law 84/09 has required owners of large buildings -- single buildings larger than 50,000 SF, or groups of buildings on a single lot larger than 100,000 SF -- to annually measure their energy and water consumption in a process called benchmarking. Water, electricity, gas, and fuel or steam usage are collected and tracked in an effort to help owners use less energy and save money. 


NEW FOR 2018

Last October, NYC passed Local Law 133/16, which expands the list of buildings required to benchmark to include mid-sized buildings 25,000 square feet and larger. Mid-sized building owners must benchmark for the first time by May 1, 2018, and by May 1 every year thereafter.

To submit benchmarking reports, owners need to register with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and enter utilities data from January 1 to December 31 of the previous year into the EPA's Energy Star Portfolio Manager.


Any property on the Covered Buildings List* that has not submitted a benchmarking report by the May 1 deadline will receive a Notice of Violation from the NYC Department of Buildings and be fined $500. Continued failure to benchmark will result in a $500 penalty each quarter, up to $2,000 per year.

*Note. The Covered Buildings List has not yet been updated for 2018.


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