Here Comes Solar Workshop AND Shareholders Forum

Time will be split between the solar workshop and a forum focused on discussing participants’ opinions on elements of a new regulatory agreement and how the forum can give constructive feedback to HPD.

Solar Workshop information:

Rooftop solar technology transforms sunlight into clean electricity that substitutes conventional power from the grid. Owning or leasing a solar system on your building reduces or fixes current and future energy costs by cutting own on utility dependency. In this workshop Here Comes Solar, an initiative of the non-profit organization Solar One, will provide an overview of solar possibilities for HDFCs. Using real neighborhood co-ops as examples, the workshop will include a review of site requirements, costs and financing options. Shareholder and board members are invited to attend. Time will be made available for shareholders and board members to ask and receive answers to their building specific questions. 

Attendees are strongly encouraged to complete this brief survey prior to the workshop so that Here Comes Solar can provide detailed and practical site specific information during the workshop:



Contact Kyla Alterman at 212 479 3337 or with your name, building address, phone, and email.

Jun 29 2016 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

535 East 5th Street Community Room between Avenue B and A closer to Avenue B.