Manhattan Shareholders Forum

PLEASE RSVP! Leave your name, phone number, email, and building address  with Kyla at or 212 479 3337

Manhattan Shareholders Forum is a monthly meeting faciliated by Member Services. The Forum strives to create a strong, educated shareholder community. The agenda for this month is: 


1. Introductions- Name, building, one HDFC-related seminar you would like to attend or be a part of the forum

2. Announcements- Shareholder Event, Get Alarmed, CB9 report back, etc. 

3. Quick review of the Forum mission statement. 

4. Small Group Activity-- Break up into small groups and discuss 1. What HDFC services to you use? What Services do you need from UHAB (seminars, programs,education, more cost-saving programs, energy programs, etc.)? 2. What is working in your co-op? What is NOT working? 3. In the next 6 months, what do you hope to accomplish in the forum? What do you hope to see this group become?  

5. Small group report back to entire group and closing discussions. 

6. Set agenda ideas for next forum  

Feb 17 2016 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm

2023 Lexington Ave UHAB Harlem office (between 124th and 123rd)