Manhattan Shareholders Forum with special guest, The Mediation Project

The Manhattan Shareholders Forum is a place for shareholders in HDFCs to meet and discuss inssues that are on their mind in their buildings, learn about current HDFC-related programs or events, and create a HDFC community.

On April 20th we will be joined by a member of The Mediation Project at NYLAG (New York Legal Assistance Group)

Often shareholders are faced with legal or personal problems within their HDFC and person-to-person mediation can be a really great strategy to utilize, especially BEFORE having to resort to legal action.

NYLAG Mediation Center will speak for 30-45 minutes on mediation techniques that can be used in our buildings to resolve issues, as well as at the end talk a little about third party mediation services that can be used when person-to-person mediation fails or is too uncomfortable. While NYLAG is there you can ask questions about your own situations and we can work out how mediation can be useful.

Please RSVP by emailing Kyla Alterman at or calling 212 479 3337.  Leave your name, email, phone, and building address. 

Tell your fellow shareholders! Bring a friend! Spread the word. 


The meeting is facilitated by Kyla Alterman in the Member Services Dept. 

Apr 20 2016 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm

2023 Lexington Ave (124th st), UHAB uptown office.