Training and Resource Center

2023 Lexington Ave. (at E.123rd St), Harlem (212) 828-2670 

Harlem Training Center

UHAB's Neighborhood Training and Resource Center in Harlem hosts classes and also provides direct, one-on-one counseling and assistance to building leaders and residents.
The Harlem office makes it easy to become involved in your building, by providing building leadership with computers, copiers, and a fax machine.  What's more, since the Resource Center is a walk-in clinic, Harlem staff can personally help you find any kind of information you may need.
For 13 years the office has been located in Harlem, conveniently close to 75% of the Tenant Interim Lease (TIL) co-op buildings.  Residents visit our Harlem office more than 1,000 times during the year to make use of the resources and expert staff.

About TIL Classes

Over 400 buildings have been or are enrolled in TIL.  It is the largest engine for creation of low-income cooperative buildings, or Housing Development Fund Corporations (HDFCs).
Classes required of shareholders in the TIL program are regularly held in the Training and Resource Center. See the schedule here.