National Co-op Research

The national co-op research project is working to compile an up-to-date census of shared-equity housing cooperatives. The term shared-equtiy encompasses limited-equity, zero-equity and other co-op models that emphasize affordability in perpetuity. In addition, the research aims to identify the organizations and institutions that work to develop, manage and sustain housing co-ops.

Co-op Community Map

The information from the census is represented on our working map of the national co-op community. This map includes shared-equity housing co-ops and the organizations that work to support and develop co-ops. Shared-equity includes limited-equity co-ops, zero-equity co-ops and other co-op models that emphasize affordability.

Ultimately this map is meant to be a tool for co-op members and practitioners, as well as a research tool for this project. The map is a work in progress and may contain incorrect information. If you would like to add information to the map, or have corrections to information already on the map, please contact Alex Roesch, the Project Associate for this research:

Research Updates

To stay abreast of this research and to connect to a valuable source of information about the national shared-equity co-op community, please see the latest update. For background information, see the report from December 2015.

Survey of the Co-op Housing Community

In addition to the census of the co-op community, we look to find out more information about how these co-ops and organizations came to be, and continue to be. For us all to learn more about the co-op housing community, we have designed two surveys: one for co-ops and another for the organizations that work to support and develop co-ops. Whether you live in a co-op, work for a co-op related organization or both, please take the time to fill out the appropriate survey, your thoughtful responses are invaluable.

Housing Co-op Survey

Housing Co-op Organization Survey