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Cooperative Homeownership Opportunities

"I am so grateful that I am getting the one bedroom.

My family is grateful as well."

--a new Inclusionary Housing shareholder in 110 Madison Avenue

UHAB is happy to announce listings for sales in HDFC co-op buildings and buildings where UHAB is the development sponsor or marketing agent of a future co-op.  Does your building have a vacancy? Check out our Member Services Market and Match program, which can help your HDFC publicize apartment listings and fill vacancies.

Attendance at UHAB's Intro to Limited-Equity Co-ops Homeownership workshop will give you all the information you need to apply to purchase shares in an HDFC co-op. Attendance is NOT REQUIRED PRIOR to application submission. 

See building listings for specific income restriction information, co-op application, and application postmark deadlines.

Due to volume, UHAB will not take phone inquiries on the status of apartment listings or applications.

Please note: Attending an introductory workshop does not guarantee you an HDFC co-op apartment. 



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