Rodent Management

NYC Department of Health wants you to know that this is the busy season for rat activity in New York City. Here are tips to keep the rats away from your building and out of your home!

Regularly inspect for rodents around your building. You don't have to wait for significant rat activity or for a severe problem. Rat activity has visible signs, indicated by the presence of:
  • rat droppings
  • live or dead rats or rat burrows
  • markings near the baseboards or lower parts of walls
  • gnaw marks
In order to control rat activity or infestation, a strategy must be implemented to prevent rats from accessing the three things they need: food, water, and shelter. If they find these in your building, you may be headed for an infestation!
Adding rodent-proof trash bins and food composting systems to your building can help to reduce access to food.
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