UHAB’s 50th

Anniversary Benefit

Here’s to 50 years of affordable housing

Join us on March 30th to celebrate UHAB’s 50th anniversary. With your help, UHAB can continue to work one-on one with homeowners at risk of foreclosure, train residents to manage their own housing, and build power across the state to secure all New Yorkers’ access to safe and healthy homes.

Don’t miss the party of the half century

Please join us on March 30th at 10 Desbrosses St. at Tribeca 360° for cocktails and dinner at 6:30 pm, and a special program and dessert at 8 pm.

For information about sponsorships, please contact Rania Dalloul by email or at (212) 479-3324.

Honoring Andrew Reicher

We’re proud to honor Andrew Reicher, our outgoing Executive Director of 44 years.

A quiet, self-effacing hero, Andrew Reicher has devoted his entire career to improving the lives of people struggling to rise from poverty through access to stable, affordable housing. Andy’s efforts have helped create programs within the New York City government crucial to fostering the development of housing cooperatives for low-income New Yorkers. Through his leadership at the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board (UHAB), Andy has brought homeownership to thousands of city residents and is generous in sharing his expertise with others in the U.S. turning to the cooperative model as a source of homeownership for low-income residents.

Andy’s unique combination of persistence, creativity and leadership has paved the way for cooperative development through many cycles of New York’s housing landscape. Andy’s career developed in tandem with UHAB, which was founded in 1973 during New York City’s economic crisis to help residents without stable housing reclaim abandoned buildings in New York City and help rehabilitate those buildings as their homes. During his four decades at UHAB’s helm, New York City’s low-income, resident-run and resident-owned housing cooperatives have grown from several dozen to more than 1,300 buildings, providing homeownership and permanent affordability to more than 30,000 households, most of them small buildings redeemed from abandonment. This is unique and unprecedented in the U.S. and is a significant chapter in New York City’s story. In 2021, Andy was inducted into the Co-op Hall of Fame, a lifetime achievement award that celebrates individuals who have made outstanding contributions to co-ops.

More recently, Andy has steered UHAB’s programs towards climate and social justice goals through access to share loans and expanded use of renewable energy in low-income communities and communities of color. Because of Andy’s selfless dedication, constant innovation and high achievement, low-income housing cooperatives in New York City exist and thrive. Strongly rooted in the communities he serves, Andy’s insight, experience and tireless efforts has had a lasting and profound impact on the lives of thousands.

50 years of affordable housing

UHAB began 50 years ago with a simple notion: with the right tools and resources, everyday New Yorkers can and will stand up to steward their own housing and rebuild their neighborhoods. Fifty years later, we’ve accomplished more than we could have imagined. With help from our amazing community of tenants, co-op members, supporters, and friends, we’ve converted over 30,000 apartments from disinvested, neglected rentals to permanently affordable cooperative homes. We’ve organized thousands of tenants from Harlem to Eastern Brooklyn to stand up to slumlords; guided first-time homeowners to purchase an affordable co-op; and empowered countless residents to take an active role in stewarding, maintaining, and fighting for their housing.

Learn more about UHAB’s history here.

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