Board & Staff



Charles Laven, Chair
Forsyth Street Advisors

Mary Ann Rothman, Secretary
Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums

Richard Heitler, Treasurer
Cooperators United for Mitchell Lama

Clifford P. Charles
Clifford P. Charles CPA

C. Knox LaSister III
Smart, Inc.  

Lawrence McGaughey



Andrew Reicher, Executive Director
Anya Irons, Director of Operations & General Counsel 
Finance & Administration
Maria Milanes, Assistant Director
Alfonso Rogel 

Fundraising & Communication

Rania Dalloul, Director


Co-op Development

Celeste Hornbach, Director
Brent Sharman
Milagros Gerena-Rochet
Mikeala Sparks, Morgan Stanley/ANHD Fellow 

Co-op Preservation

Oscar McDonald, Director
Javier Crespo
Cheryl Tidwell
Yolanda Rivera
Celia Easton Koehler 

Organizing & Policy

Samantha Kattan, Co-Director
Celeste Hornbach, Co-Director
Sumathy Kumar
Karen Narefsky
JohnAugust Bridgeford
Juan Colon, CCL/PANY Apprentice
Ignacio Foster, CCL/PANY Apprentice 
Monique Roberts, CCL/PANY Apprentice 

Member Services

Emily Ng, Director
Fabio Eugenio, Assistant Director
Clara Weinstein
David Avina
Eliza Klein, Resident Liaison
Cinthya Nolasco 

Training & Client Services

Marina Metalios, Director
Kenneth Soto, Assistant Director
Alexander Roesch, Assistant Director of Homeownership
Wanda Chappell


Anya Irons, General Counsel
Amy Rosado