Board Spotlight: Alison Powers

Why does this work resonate with you?

I worked at UHAB for 10 years in several different capacities and have seen the organization grow and evolve over the years while still staying true to the central mission. I have seen firsthand the power of the co-op community.  UHAB’s job is to provide a platform for residents to succeed at the hard work of cooperative ownership, the organization has always understood that the residents are the experts in their own building and communities. 

What do you do outside of UHAB?

I am the Manager of Cooperatives and Communities at Capital Impact Partners, a national Community Development Financial Institution that invests capital and commitment to help people and communities break the barriers to success. A large part of my job is to amplify the potential of the co-op model for all people through technical assistance, grant funding, and financing for capital projects.

How do you want to help UHAB grow?

I am excited about the current interest in limited equity cooperative housing on a national level. I get frequent calls from local leaders around the country looking to build an ecosystem like the one in New York City that creates permanent affordability. UHAB has always been a national leader and had a vision for the growth of the model, I am hopeful that future policy changes could be a catalyst for more limited equity co-op in cities around the country.