Board Spotlight: Beth Sorce

Why does this work resonate with you?

I am inspired by the tenants and cooperative shareholders who work tirelessly to make sure that the housing in their neighborhood serves their community now and forever. I believe that communities know best what they want and need and should be empowered to own and manage their own homes. I deeply appreciate the role that UHAB plays in listening to and facilitating real community control.

What do you do outside of UHAB?

I work for Grounded Solutions Network, a national membership-based nonprofit dedicated to advancing community control and lasting affordability in housing across the country. My role is to provide training and technical assistance to nonprofits, public agencies and community members as they create and implement racially equitable housing strategies. Often, I’m drawing upon what I learned during my time as a UHAB staff member!

How do you want to help UHAB grow?

From my perspective at a national organization (and living in Colorado), there is so much interest in cooperative housing in cities across the country—but few have an organization like UHAB that can help turn that interest into reality. I want to help UHAB secure the resources that they need to be able to deepen their local impact and grow their national work.