Board Spotlight: Daphany Sanchez

Why does this work resonate with you?

As a Native New Yorker, I really love seeing HDFC buildings because it reminds me of my family members’ buildings on the Southside. I vividly remember the basement parties on Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, dimly lit corridors, and fantastic food smells. Each building has its personality representing the community members that have lived and experienced life within them.

What do you do outside of UHAB?

I run an MWBE B corp called Kinetic Communities in the “daytime.” Our work stems from supporting existing communities, uplifting energy efficiency, and clean technologies opportunities to integrate into each neighborhood ecosystem. As a tech-neutral firm, we center all clean energy initiatives around our communities’ interest, precisely what they would like to prioritize and see within their buildings. We work closely with cooperatives, property managers, and local minority-owned contractors to ensure they have the operational support and tools to succeed with the green sector economy.

How do you want to help UHAB grow?

I would love to see growth and opportunity for UHAB to support more New Yorkers to take ownership of the properties they live in. Housing cooperatives provide a pathway to sustainable, healthy homes that yield economic mobility for BIPOC communities throughout the five boroughs.