Board Spotlight: Debra Bechtel

Why does this work resonate with you? 

I find that many HDFC co-op board members just need a little boost to be able to handle some very complex situations, so I admire UHAB’s technical assistance and education efforts which provide this for them.  UHAB’s programs empower them rather than simply telling them what to do or taking over from them.  Preserving the low-income co-ops that New York City has is crucial for a stable and growing affordable housing stock and I think UHAB’s role has been and will continue to be very important.

What do you do outside of UHAB? 

I teach a clinic at Brooklyn Law School focused solely on representing HDFC co-op boards and non-profit HDFCs in non-litigation matters.  Like UHAB, I feel that we are bolstering the efforts of low-income co-op boards to improve their buildings and preserve affordability.

How do you want to help UHAB grow? 

In ways that its excellent staff identify, but especially in preservation of HDFC co-ops.