Get to know UHAB’s board

Why does this work resonate with you? 

I have been involved with HDFC coops since 1994, first in working at HPD on the Tenant Interim Lease program and more recently managing HDFC coops as clients of the management company that I own. I have seen the transformative work of cooperative ownership first hand, in many buildings and neighborhoods across New York. To be able to contribute to the mission of supporting, preserving and creating cooperative ownership as a UHAB Board member is a privilege. 

What do you do outside of UHAB?

I own affordable housing development and management companies with two partners and have worked in affordable housing my whole career. I spent 20 years in City service at the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the past ten years in building a development and management business. I have worked closely with UHAB in both phases of my career and believe very strongly in collaborative community development. 

How do you want to help UHAB grow?  

With a background in affordable housing policy, finance and development skills and a very good working knowledge of city neighborhoods, I want to help UHAB look at both big picture policy issues for cooperative housing and provide expertise on potential projects and new development opportunities as they come.