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We have over 35 years of experience in real estate matters with emphasis on commercial leasing. Jeff Margolis, founding partner, teaches Commercial Leasing at Brooklyn Law School where he…


Full Service Insurance Organization specializing in habitational accounts of all sizes.

Singh & Rani, LLP

Intro to HDFC Property Management

We review NY’s housing regulatory agencies, Board “governance” basics, manager checklist and tips for energy conservation in light of Local Law 97.


Complying with LL97

This class will cover LL97 Climate Mobilization Act guidance for Affordable Housing.


Robert’s Rules for meeting Pt 2: Rules in Action

Join us to see Robert’s Rules in action and how they can be used as a tool for effective meetings.


Electrification for Co-ops

Join us for an introduction to clean energy via electrification of space heating systems.


Participation and Meetings

If your building is run by just a couple people, you can’t get volunteers to run for the board, or shareholders don’t show up to meetings, this class can help.


Advanced Co-op Management

Learn the role of a manager and property management ethics.