Save 10% on Electric Bills

Sign up for Community Solar today!

Save 10% on your electric bill with no installation by subscribing to an offsite solar array.

UHAB can help you find a provider and save on your electric bill.

How does it work?

Through offsite community solar, you can subscribe to a solar array anywhere in New York City. Instead of having solar panels on your own roof, with community solar you share one large solar array with multiple other households. You see savings through a credit on your bill each month. Anyone with a Con Edison bill can sign up! Community solar can also be called shared solar or a solar garden.

Image credit: Solar One

Why sign up?

  • Savings on your electric bill. With community solar, you save around 10% on your energy bill each month. Your electric bill with community solar is always lower than it is now.
  • Start saving right away. You don’t need to install anything to start saving. You can subscribe to an offsite array that’s already built.
  • Support solar in NYC. Solar is a green, cost-saving technology that’s good for people and the planet.
  • It’s free! It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, and UHAB only works with solar providers whose terms we like, which means no hidden costs or cancellation fees.

Community Solar Vs. Onsite Solar

You don’t have to choose between solar on your own roof and subscribing to an offsite array! If you’re thinking about installing solar on your own roof, signing up for community solar is a great step, since installing solar on your roof takes a while and you can sign up for community solar right away.

Solar On Your Own RoofOffsite Community Solar
Installation costsNo cost
Can take a while to set upSign up and start saving immediately
Greatest savings over timeModerate savings over time
Building-wide decision (involves the whole co-op)Individual decision (you can sign up your own unit)

Does it really save money?

Yes! Community solar is a guaranteed savings, for free. UHAB only works with solar providers that are providing a good deal to shareholders. That means no cancellation fees or hidden costs. You can cancel whenever you want.

Community Solar is not an ESCO. You’re always saving on a fixed rate, so you don’t need to worry about comparing your rates all the time. Regardless if the ConEd rate goes up or down, you’re always saving that fixed 10%. Suppliers set a fixed rate for energy, and you are charged per kWh. Instead, community solar gives you energy credits for what your portion of solar produces. This turns into a credit on your ConEd bill that you pay back at a discounted rate, resulting in 10% savings on the energy your share generates.

How do I sign up?

Contact Caleb to sign up by email or at (212) 479-3346, or fill out the form here.