Invest In Our Communities

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Almost half of New York City’s tenants spend an unsustainable portion of their income on rent. For decades, UHAB has created permanently affordable co-ops as a viable solution to housing insecurity. Unfortunately, more than 50% of affordable co-ops reported lost income due to COVID-19, threatening their stability and jeopardizing long-term affordability.

In 2020, we heard from thousands of residents who need additional resources to navigate this crisis. 20% are at risk of foreclosure and require more support than ever. The stakes to protect and expand affordable homeownership for low-income New Yorkers couldn’t be higher.

As the housing crisis intensified this year, UHAB fought for lasting, affordable homes by:

  • Recovering and preserving low-income housing: we worked with 169 co-ops at risk of foreclosure through our new Co-op Improvement Program
  • Creating affordable homes: we distributed $61,000 in loans to low-income homebuyers
  • Developing leaders: we trained over 2,500 residents on community ownership and cooperative governance.

Please consider a donation to UHAB this holiday season to allow us to continue this essential work.