Read the Reports: HDFC Co-ops and COVID-19

Over the past nine months, UHAB has aided tenacious residents in stewarding their buildings through an unprecedented year. The HDFC co-op community has been resilient in the face of an economic and health crisis, but as the pandemic resurges and people struggle to make ends meet, we are working harder than ever to support a growing need in our community:

  • 20% of affordable co-ops are at risk of foreclosure
  • More than 50% of the buildings we surveyed are seriously concerned about their short- and long-term financial health
  • Around 60% of HDFC co-ops have a high number of senior citizens living on a fixed income. • Seniors are at higher risk for COVID-19, may face challenges completing basic tasks

We need your help to keep fighting for the survival of HDFCs. Your support helps us continue to build a strong and vibrant movement that centers the voices of people of color, fights for housing justice, and supports affordable, cooperative homeownership.

Learn more about the state of HDFC co-ops at the end of 2020 by reading our four reports on HDFCs and COVID-19.