Sample House Rules


This is a sample of the house rules of an HDFC cooperative. House rules are part of your cooperative’s governing documents. Your own HDFC’s house rules may differ.

The purpose of these house rules is to ensure that all tenants of this building may enjoy a clean, safe, and quiet environment. Please help make this happen by cooperating with these rules!

  1. The public hallways, stairways, and fire escapes of the building may not be obstructed or used for any other purpose than entry and exit from apartments. DO NOT leave bicycles, toys, garbage bags or any other sort of debris in the public halls at any time!
  2. Garbage should be tied up securely in bags and carried out to the garbage cans at the street curb. DO NOT place garbage in the hallways or under the stairs.
  3. Do not throw garbage out the windows into the yard. The yard is to be kept clear of garbage and debris at all times.
  4. The roof shall not be used for storage or disposal. Tenants should not go to the roof for any purpose.
  5. Children shall not be allowed to play in the public hallways or stairs.
  6. Quiet hours shall be between the hours of 11pm and 8am on weekdays, and 11pm and 11am on weekends. During these hours, tenants may not play loud music, operate heavy machinery, or make any loud noises which may disturb their neighbors.
  7. Tenants are responsible for the behavior of their guests. A violation of the house rules by a guest will be treated as a violation by that tenant.
  8. Tenants shall maintain their apartments in a condition that does not create a fire and/or health hazards, including repulsive odors.
  9. Tenants who wish to remove or install walls or make any alteration in their apartments must get the approval of the officers first.
  10. Tenants are required to provide access to their apartments in order for repairs to be done. Tenants will be given as much advance warning as possible when repairs are scheduled. In case access must be gained for an emergency repair, tenants should leave a copy of their apartment key with either the super, or a friend or neighbor who is reasonably certain to be home. Tenants should let the officers know what arrangement they have made for apartment access.

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