Sample Repair Policies and Procedures


This is a sample HDFC co-op repair policy created by UHAB. Your own building may have different procedures in place. In general, shareholders are responsible for repairs within their apartments, so many of these points apply only to tenants. To see a full chart of repair policy procedure, scroll down. For more information on what repairs shareholders are responsible for, check our events calendar for a “Who Fixes What?” training.

  1. In emergencies (like a burst pipe, for example), residents should go to the super or any member of the maintenance and repair committee. If none of them are around, try to find any officer. If you are a shareholder, a determination will be mad as to whether the repair is your responsibility or the HDFC’s responsibility.
  2. For non-emergency repairs, the following procedure will apply:
    • Tenants must fill out repair request form. Forms are available from __________________________________.
    • Someone on the repair committee will inspect the request.
    • In the semi-monthly M&R committee meeting, the committee will review the repair requests and prioritize them.
    • Committee will call in contractor or handyperson to do the repair. For any repair costing over $_____, two written estimates will be obtained and at least two references checked for each contractor.
    • Repair committee will arrange with tenant for contractor to get access to apartment. Tenant must provide access with sufficient prior notice. Every effort will be made to give at least 48 hours advance notice.
    • Once repair is completed, a representative from the M&R committee will inspect the job, and tenant will sign repair request form verifying that job has been done.
    • If you are a shareholder and responsible for the repair, but cannot afford the cost, you should reach out to the board and ask the HDFC to make the repair. You can then enter into a payment agreement to reimburse the corporation for the cost of the repair.
  3. Tenants who don’t give access when a date for the repair has been arranged may have their repair dropped to the bottom of the priority list.
  4. Cosmetic repairs will not be prioritized for tenants who are in arrears. (Emergency repairs will always be done regardless of arrears status)
  5. Repairs will be prioritized according to the bylaws:
    • 1st, to protect life, health, safety of residents
    • 2nd, to prevent building deterioration
    • 3rd, cosmetic repairs
  6. With regard to residents who completes a repair on their own, you will not be reimbursed for labor or materials unless you received prior written approval from the officers or the repair and maintenance committee.
  7. A maintenance log will be maintained by the M&R committee which will include a record of all repairs requested and repairs done.
  8. Tenants who willfully destroy or damage anything in their apartment and/or the common areas must be responsible for its repair or replacement.

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