UHAB Executive Director Search in ES

Earlier this year, UHAB’s Executive Director Andrew Reicher announced to our board and staff that he intends to retire in January 2023. We are so grateful for Andy’s leadership, passion, mentorship and guidance over nearly five decades. While we support his decision to take a much deserved retirement, we will miss having him at the helm.

For more information about the ED search process, please refer to the position profile posted here. Applications, as well as inquiries and nominations can be directed electronically and in confidence to: Liz Vago, lizvagotalentstrategy@gmail.com.

From Andrew Reicher, Executive Director

I believe it is time for UHAB to have a change in leadership and a new Executive Director. I have had the honor and privilege of leading UHAB; being the steward of this amazing organization for the last four decades. It is time to pass it on.

Much has changed in that time but the pace of change has never been faster than in the past two years. Social change, political change, a revolution in the way we work. We have new administrations in Washington, Albany, and NYC. One can say that UHAB has “stuck to its knitting” for nearly 50 years and has continued to do the same thing since its founding – helping New Yorkers help solve their own housing problems by taking control and exercising agency. Over 1,300 co-ops and many tenant associations; improved neighborhoods and a changed City have been the result. But while we have continued to do the same thing, how UHAB has done this and the tools we used have evolved and changed. New tools, programs, and innovations have allowed us to meet the new challenges that each year brings.

With all this change afoot and a host of new challenges, it is time for new leadership to help UHAB develop a vision to carry it into the future. I’m confident in the organization we have all helped build. Our next Executive Director will be able to count on a strong and engaged board, an incredible staff and a management team that is up to any challenge and ready to lead UHAB through the coming decades. On January 3rd I turned 71. I am hoping an Executive Director search and transition will be completed by the time I reach retirement age, 72, in January 2023. At that time, I will have worked at UHAB 44 years and UHAB will be celebrating 50 years. This will not just be a transition in leadership for now, but a transition into the next 50 years.

Once retired, I plan to continue to support UHAB’s work, especially projects where I can add value and that make sense and be available for whatever is needed. The Board has created a transition committee led by our extremely capable Board Chair, John Warren. Under his guidance, they are directing and overseeing the process of the transition to the new Executive Director.

I appreciate your support all these years and look forward to continuing to work on our collective vision from a different seat at the table.

In cooperation,

From John Warren, Board President

It is with bittersweet feelings that I write this note to share that Andy Reicher has informed the Board that he intends to retire from his position as Executive Director of UHAB at the end of the year.

As someone who has dedicated his professional career to the cooperative housing movement and spent decades building UHAB as an organization and advocating for cooperative housing on the public stage, we are so grateful to Andy for the work he has done, for the vision and dedication he has shown and for the collaborative graciousness and creativity with which he has managed the organization. We will celebrate his amazing legacy in the months ahead.

In the meantime, we have started the transition process by forming a Search Committee and engaged Liz Vago, a Search Consultant with particular expertise in working with not-for-profit organizations, to lead the search. I am chairing the Search Committee and I am joined by fellow members of our community, board, and staff.

A copy of the position profile can be found on UHAB’s website as well as by contacting Liz Vago directly via email. Thank you to our community, partners, and supporters for your assistance as we seek to continue the outstanding work that Andy has done for so long.