National Research

Our national research aims to identify not only all affordable co-ops in the county, but the organizations and institutions that work to develop, manage, and sustain housing co-ops.

Through a national census in 2015-2016 conducted with the support of the Ford Foundation, we found over 3,000 housing co-ops. These co-ops represent approximately 300,000 units of housing.

A little over half of these co-ops (166,000 units) remain limited-equity and thus affordable to future generations. An unknown number of co-ops, estimated around 35,000 units, remain very affordable despite the expiration of their limited-equity restrictions.

Explore the Map

Our community map is a research tool and resource that shows every affordable co-op in the USA as well as the formerly limited-equity co-ops that likely remain affordable. The map also includes over 1,000 zero-equity co-ops in Canada totaling over 67,000 units of affordable homeownership to the north.

The map is a work in progress and may contain incorrect information. If you would like to submit an addition or correction to the map, please contact us at

With additional support from the Co-op Foundation, we created the Sixth Principle Coalition, a group of practitioners and cooperators committed to support and grow the limited-equity co-op movement.

Our Research

Explore the data from our survey of thousands of co-ops and local practitioners across the country

Survey of housing cooperatives and the organizations that serve them


  • 70% of respondents reported their co-op members do not have access to share loan financing.
  • 75% report having income guidelines and resale policies.
  • 25% report having affordability restrictions that will expire.

Research Updates, 2015 and 2016

Further research in 2015 and 2016 clarified the number of remaining limited equity co-ops.