Heating season is here!

Heating season started on October 15th. It’s a great time of year to create an energy plan for your building. An energy plan lays out what capital improvements you need or want over the next five or ten years, so you can budget to make them a reality.

Some questions to consider in creating an energy plan:

  • Where are your building’s greatest costs? If you have runaway water bills, you’ll want to hire a professional to find leaks and help you conserve water. If you have high electric bills, consider solar and more efficient appliances. If you have high heating bills, there are steps you can take to balance your heating system and save on fuel.
  • How old is your boiler? Does it seem likely you’ll need to replace it in the next five years?
  • What’s your current fuel type? If you’re on oil, are you interested in switching to a more efficient fuel type?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the incentive money you can? There are incentives for upgrades to your electric system; upgrades to your heating system for natural gas buildings; and more. Call UHAB to learn what incentives you’re eligible for.
  • Is your roof suitable for solar? Solar is a cost-saving green technology that allows you to generate your own electricity. Check out our Co-ops Go Solar program to learn more.

An energy plan also allows you to time your upgrades to save the most energy and money. Some upgrades pair particularly well: getting solar at the same time as a roof replacement will give you a smooth, easy installation, and replacing the boiler at the same time you make upgrades to your distribution system of pipes and vents will allow you to save the most fuel and money because it’ll help you properly size your boiler.

Creating an energy plan is one way to keep your building healthy and sustainable. Environmental sustainability leads to financial sustainability through lower energy bills, so paying attention to energy bills is one of the best ways to keep your building affordable.

Want help creating an energy plan? Contact David at avina[at]uhab.org or (212) 479-3374.

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