Monitored Buildings

Your assigned UHAB project associate is here to help.

Jay Crespo: (212) 479-3358 or crespo[at]

Celia Easton-Koehler: (212) 479-3373 or eastonkoehler[at]

Yolanda Rivera: (212) 479-3320 or rivera[at]

Oscar McDonald: (212) 479-3328 or mcdonald[at]

Cheryl Tidwell: (212) 479-3356 or tidwell[at]

Do you have all the documents you need for your annual report?

Download the annual report checklist here.

If you have a regulatory agreement, you probably need to submit these documents to your building’s monitor for your annual report. Your annual report will be sent to HPD, or your lender.

The annual report is useful because it gives you a snapshot of your building’s health. It’s an easy way to see if you’re being well-managed, what your building’s strengths are, and what issues you need to address in the coming year. UHAB recommends all buildings take a look at these documents at least once a year, whether they’re required to or not.

The following is a list of the documents you’ll need to submit to your monitor. The documents you send to UHAB will be used to complete the annual report.

We will assist you in completing the tasks as per our monitoring agreement.

  • Income & Expense Summary
  • All Monthly bank statements
  • Rent roll with arrears
  • Name of fuel company, utility account numbers (Con Ed, National Grid, etc) and major repair expenses
  • Copy of mortgage statement with Reserve Account amount
  • Property and Liability Insurance Certificates
  • Total amount deposited in reserves
  • Amount of rent/maintenance fee increase if any
  • Total actual rent collected  
  • Most recent tax and water bills
  • Loan balances, if any and monthly payments
  • List of apartment sales/sublets if any, (a list of apartment numbers and names of the buyers/subletters with the date of sale/sublet & certification of compliance with income guidelines signed by the Board.) or
  • Certification that there were no sales
  • Certification that there were OR were no subleases and rentals
  • Election Certification
  • Certification of annual Financial Statement distribution
  • Budget Certification/Maintenance fee increase certification

*We have templates for all certifications and will provide them to you.

**If you are unsure how to collect these documents contact your property manager or UHAB immediately.