New Labor Laws: What to Know For Your HDFC

NYS Labor Laws 240/241 (Scaffold Laws) are a serious issue for any HDFC that engages in work with contractors on the premises — whether for renovations and capital improvements, repairs for code compliance, or installing technologies such as solar or upgrading heating systems. If you are planning construction projects in your HDFC, large or small, make sure they have the correct coverage.

On this page you can download some documents that may be helpful as you plan construction projects in your co-op moving forward.

When engaging contractors, it’s essential to make sure their coverage limits match what is indicated in the sample. The hold harmless agreement language on this webpage should be appended to contracts that your co-op signs with your contractors moving forward. 

If you’d like the team at Gallagher’s Affordable Housing Practice to review the contract or contractor’s insurance coverage, contact Juana at or Carmen at Gallagher’s team is available to answer any questions you have.

UHAB and Gallagher are here to support your buildings in making sure the contractors you work with have the level of coverage that is now needed.

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