Free Training Alert

30-Hour Certificate Course on Building Systems


CUNY Buildings Performance Lab is offering a free 30 hour training course this fall. Completing the Building Operator Training can result in energy savings of 5-20% without major capital expenditures! 

The Building Operator Training is open and free for any paid supers, operators, and maintenance staff, and any HDFC shareholder with a significant role in building operations and management. 

The training covers building systems such as heating, water, and electrical; best practice energy efficiency measures; and safety, compliance, and emergency management. Sign up for the class to:

  • Save 5-15% on energy
  • Improve your benchmarking score
  • Stay abreast of new energy efficiency regulations like Local Law 97
  • Improve resident comfort in your building 
  • Help supers, board members, and building staff increase their knowledge 
  • Take advantage of this free training opportunity! 

The training is 30 hours of 3-hour classes once a week for ten weeks. The training will be at the CUNY School of Professional Studies at 119 w 31st st on Wednesdays from 6 to 9 pm. We will begin in October and run until December. 

To sign up for the class, reach out to Clara at or 212 479 3337.

If this location or time slot doesn't work for you but you're interested in future Building Operator Trainings, reach out to get on the waitlist for trainings in 2020!