Take Action to Preserve HDFCs

In response to HPD's proposed Regulatory Agreement, we are asking HPD to improve and simplify their proposal so that it is easier for buildings to comply with, to lower the price caps to be affordable to more New Yorkers, and to offer 100% property tax exemption for any building that signs on.

There are several ways to take action if you want to express your support for preserving affordable HDFCs:
  1. Sign this petition!
  2. Use the sample letter below to write to your City Council member about preserving affordable HDFCs, or email HPD at hdfccoop@hpd.nyc.gov. Find the contact details for your City Council member here​.
  3. Attend or organize a meeting in your neighborhood. Contact Yael Shafritz for more information at shafritz@uhab.org, or 212-479-3337. 
Have questions? Visit this page to learn more about HPD's proposed Regulatory Agrement and UHAB's response. 

Dear New York City Council Member _______________, 

I am writing to you as a concerned shareholder in __________ HDFC. As you may have heard, HPD is working towards releasing a new regulatory agreement for HDFC co-ops that will be tied to a new property tax break. While the conversation around this issue has been dominated by shareholders who are primarily worried about being subjected to price caps and subletting restrictions, it is crucial for City Council to know that there are many shareholders who believe in preserving the affordability of HDFCs, who support the replacement of the DAMP tax cap with a deeper tax break, and who would sign a reasonable regulatory agreement in order to get this new tax break. 
I live in an HDFC that would welcome and benefit from 100% property tax exemption and increased oversight, and I am in support of a regulatory agreement that includes resale price caps that are affordable to low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. Why? 
I do not believe that current HDFC shareholders should be able to sell their apartments for market rate prices or sublet their apartments to those who are not in need of affordable housing. 
I do not want to see HDFCs used as a tool for gentrifying my neighborhood, 
I do not want to see this program dissolve due to lack of oversight and ongoing support,
And I do believe that the future success of HDFC co-ops can lie in the deepening of our subsidy amount and the amount of oversight we receive. 
Although HPD is going in the right direction by finally putting more resources towards this program after decades of negligence, HDFCs deserve total property tax exemption and a regulatory agreement that will not make the hard job of running a co-op even harder. 
I am asking you to support the preservation of HDFC co-ops for future generations. Please tell HPD to simplify their proposed regulatory agreement so that it is easier for buildings to comply with, to lower the price caps to be affordable to more New Yorkers, and to offer 100% tax exemption for any building that signs on. 
(Your Name)