Con Edison Multifamily Incentive Program

Lower Your Heating Bills With This Con Edison Incentive Program!

Featured in UHAB Member News (Winter 2018, issue no. 65)

Keith Williams
Keith Williams, HDFC co-op shareholder 


“Having six to seven engineers in the cellar evaluating our heating system—that was huge,” Keith Williams, a shareholder and superintendent in a 9 unit HDFC in West Harlem told us. He was describing his experience with Con Ed’s Multifamily
Incentive Program, which offers cash incentives and rebates for energy efficiency improvements and heating system upgrades. If your HDFC co-op is a Con Edison gas customer, your building might also qualify for a free or reduced-cost heating system overhaul, including a boiler tune-up, master venting, and the installation of Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) to control the temperature within apartments. 

The current program serves buildings with one-pipe steam heating systems, but will soon be expanded to assist two-pipe steam buildings as well. Keith learned of the Con Ed program through one of UHAB’s periodic Open Houses in our Harlem office. He then contacted Daphany Sanchez of the NYC Retrofit Accelerator, who paid a visit to his building and helped explain how the program worked.
Making energy efficiency improvements to your heating system helps it perform better and use less fuel, so you can improve resident comfort and lower your heating bill at the same time.  

Keith appreciates the fact that the Con Edison program allowed his building, with its limited budget, to receive a wide array of free services. After the group of engineers issued their recommendations for his building’s heating system, co-op leaders reached out to multiple contractors from Con Edison’s approved list, received bids, and selected a contractor to complete the work. Keith says, “As far as the amount of work that was done, it was quite a bit considering we don’t have to foot the bill. They came in to do the steam main vent and then they came again to do another vent called a ’tree‘ vent. They came to do TRVs, the cleaning and tune-up of the boiler, and they even did an extra repair. I’m happy with the thoroughness.” 

If your building does not use gas but is a Con Edison electrical customer, you might qualify for free or reduced rate LED lighting fixtures and faucet or showerhead aerators to reduce water use and lower your operating cost.  

For more information, contact Sasha Hill at, or 212-479-3374. You can also reach out directly to NYC Retrofit Accelerator at 212-656-9202 or

Akil Friday, Con Edison