Our Work

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We believe housing works best when residents are in charge. Our work is to support tenants and cooperative homeowners at every stage of resident controlled affordable housing.

Keeping co-ops stable & affordable

We work with housing co-op members in New York City to keep their homes stable and affordable. We have over forty years of experience with HDFC co-oops, a type of affordable cooperative homeownership unique to New York City.
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Our work is driven by the belief that housing works best when residents are in control. Democratic community control is a tool that can move us closer to safe, affordable, healthy housing for all. HDFC co-ops, community land trusts, and strong tenant associations are all strategies for democratic community control.

How we do the work

By empowering residents to build, manage, and defend their own housing, we position New Yorkers as their own best solution to our housing crisis.
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UHAB works with tenants to build power and demand safe, affordable housing. Sometimes, tenants are able to seize ownership of delinquent properties and go co-op to create lasting affordability in their neighborhoods. Sometimes, tenants win better protections as rent-stabilized renters. UHAB organizes tenants even when co-op conversion is unlikely, because we believe organized tenants are a powerful force for democratic resident control.

Building tenant power

We empower residents to gain control over their affordable housing by creating a strong base of mobilized tenants and community members.
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Creating affordable housing

UHAB is the only group in NYC that specializes in developing affordable housing cooperatives.
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