Climate and Resiliency

Clean Heat for Co-ops

Clean Heat for Co-ops is a campaign by UHAB Member Services to help HDFCs cut costs and electrify through heat pump technology. Our campaign provides free technical support and energy advice to make switching to electric heat easy and simple for you.

Why Electrify?

Using electricity to heat your building is a lot more efficient than traditional fossil fuels like gas and oil. The technology behind electrification is called a heat pump. Heat pumps can provide space heating for your whole building. It’s more comfortable, because everyone can individually control their own heat. Heat pumps can also provide domestic hot water for a building, which has big energy savings.

Electric heat could be a fit for you if:

  • You need a new boiler now or soon
  • You’re on #2 or #4 heating oil (you’ll need to phase it out over the next few years!)
  • Your building needs to comply with Local Law 84 or 97 (hint: if you’re above 25 units you probably do!)

Fill out the survey!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your system or you’re just curious to learn more, UHAB can help you evaluate how you can incorporate electric heat into your building. Our technical advisement is free, and there’s no commitment. Please fill out the survey below and we’ll reach out to you.