Energy Efficient Buildings | Climate Action Pledge

Climate Action Pledge

The Climate Action Pledge is a tool to identify and track energy and sustainability projects for your co-op. The Pledge includes four sections: Energy Efficiency, Training, Neighborhood Care, and Community Engagement. If you’re looking to improve energy efficiency, improve resident health/comfort, or combat climate change, this pledge will help you get there!

Why Climate?

We know our environment, including our homes and neighborhoods, has a huge effect on our lives and health. People of color tend to live in older and less efficient buildings, pay more for energy, and face greater exposure to pollutants. Communities of color are also less likely to have access to healthy food and green spaces in their neighborhoods. These conditions contribute to and exacerbate health problems in low-income communities and communities of color. The intention of this pledge is to assist you in improving the quality of life among your building’s residents and in your neighborhood, serving as a model that will inspire others to follow suit throughout the City.