Operating a co-op


Need help conducting an election for your co-op’s board of directors? UHAB is here to help.

Since co-op elections must be conducted according to the by-laws (proper delivery of election notices, adherence to eligibility guidelines, number of shareholders constituting quorum, etc.), the legality of an election can be challenged by a shareholder in court, which can cost the co-op thousands of dollars in legal fees. When a UHAB Preservation Associate attends and certifies the election, it helps protect the HDFC from claims of illegally conducted elections. This service also ensures that the HDFC complies with the annual election requirement (from HPD and lenders). Your Preservation Associate will remind you when the election is due and make sure it gets scheduled.

This service is open to all housing co-ops. Contact Oscar McDonald at mcdonald[at]uhab.org or (212) 479-3328 to learn more.