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UHAB Fuel provides deals on heating oil to HDFC co-ops in New York City. UHAB has partnered with Energo (formerly Marathon Energy Corp) to bring low fuel prices to UHAB member buildings.  We use the purchasing power of HDFCs to negotiate for lower rates, cutting costs by 30%. Even if you already use Energo, you can pay less through UHAB Fuel. With rising prices, don’t wait to switch!

UHAB Fuel customers save 30%!

These graphs compares NYSERDA’s average home heating oil prices with our oil prices in 2019. You can see our fuel prices day by day here.

Signing up for UHAB Fuel is easy; application, approval, and the first delivery can happen within a week.  Buildings can decide to sign up for automatic delivery, and there is an optional service contract that includes emergency boiler service and annual inspections.  Best of all, there is no charge to switch! Make sure you complete the process by the 15th if you want to start saving by the 1st of the upcoming month.

If you would like to sign up please contact Caleb at or 212-479-3346.

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Have you heard of Biodiesel?

Heating oil in New York City is now a renewable resource derived from plant and food products. Today’s heating oil contains 6% biodiesel (B6) and the fuel oil is now the cleanest it has ever been with a low sulfur content of 15 parts per million. Residential customers may claim an income tax credit for each gallon of heating oil used. Please refer to NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance for more info and consult your tax advisor.

Marathon Energy already offers B6 and B20 to our customers. Your heating system or tank does not need to be retrofitted to accept biodiesel as heating oil has been comprised of 2% biodiesel since July 2010. Presently B20 is available and priced comparatively with B6. B6 is a viable option and these standards make New York City a “national leader” in biofuel use for home heating.

Fuel Prices

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