UHAB has developed over 96 buildings and 1720 units of affordable housing.

We use various City programs to rehabilitate neglected buildings and, whenever possible, ultimately turn ownership over to the tenants of the building by incorporating it as a limited-equity HDFC co-op. Explore our portfolio by program below.

Tenant Interim Lease Program →

UHAB has developed six projects under Tenant Interim Lease II, spanning eighteen buildings and 306 units.

Case Study: Hamilton Heights HDFC

Hamilton Heights HDFC is made up of twelve buildings totaling 134 units.

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Special Projects →

These co-ops were developed outside of standard programs, using unique financing structures to bring resident control to distressed rentals.

Third Party Transfer →

UHAB has developed 38 projects under Third Party Transfer, totaling 778 units of housing.

Homesteading →

UHAB has developed 11 projects under the Homesteading program, resulting in 160 units of housing.