Tenant Organizing & Policy

We empower residents to gain control over their affordable housing and fight for their rights.

Housing Organizers for People Empowerment

UHAB supports HOPE (Housing Organizers for People Empowerment), a member-led group of tenant leaders fighting for better building conditions and tenant protections.
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BOLD: Brooklyn Organizing and Leadership Development

BOLD is UHAB Organizers’ four week leadership training series, covering the basics of community organizing skills. The interactive course covers topics like meeting facilitation, how to have effective 1:1 conversations, and how to develop a campaign.

Organizing tenants for cooperative homeownership

Working from UHAB’s decades of experience helping tenants gain ownership of their buildings, our organizing department works with tenant associations who are interested in the cooperative model. If you are a tenant in a building that is interested in working towards cooperative ownership, reach out to Arielle Hersh at hersh@uhab.org or (212) 479-3321.