Housing Organizers for People Empowerment

Since 2018, UHAB has been organizing tenants in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush, Brownsville and East New York neighborhoods. We help tenants organize in their buildings to fight for repairs and respect from their landlords. In November 2019, we launched HOPE (Housing Organizers for People Empowerment), a member-led tenant group based in Brownsville.

HOPE fights for better building conditions and stronger tenant protections.   We have organized over 20 tenant associations in East Brooklyn and have helped tenants win repairs, refunds from rent overcharges, rent discounts and other accommodations during elevator work, and more. HOPE member leaders facilitate monthly community meetings and set the priorities and direction for the group. HOPE’s members are people of color, mostly women, and cross-generational. Their members come from some of the lowest-income neighborhoods in New York City, and their mission is to support one another and build power and dignity amongst us all.

HOPE’s campaigns:

Housing Justice for All

HOPE is a member of the statewide Housing Justice for All campaign that brings together tenant and housing groups that are fighting for all New Yorkers to have a safe, stable affordable place to live. Currently, HJ4A is fighting for legislation to protect tenants during and after the Covid-19 crisis, including extending the statewide eviction moratorium and making missed rent payments non-collectable during the state of emergency. Learn more at HousingJusticeForAll.org.

Public Power 

The statewide Public Power campaign is fighting to replace private utilities corporations with a publicly-owned, democratically run utilities system. Utilities costs impact our overall housing costs, and fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines pose serious health and safety risks. We are fighting for a world where our utilities come from renewable energy sources, and our communities have more control over their cost and distribution. Learn more at PublicPower.nyc.

No North BK Pipeline

Related to the statewide Public Power fight, we are in coalition with other Brooklyn-based groups to oppose a National Grid gas transmission pipeline being built through Brownsville and North Brooklyn. This project was initiated with no community engagement, and will result in increased gas costs for Brooklyn residents. We are fighting alongside other groups to halt construction of the pipeline and keep it from going into use. By learning about the injustices in where and how private utilities build their pipelines, we are drawing the connections between environmental, racial and housing justice.  Learn more at nonbkpipeline.org.