Sample Superintendent Employment Agreement


This agreement is by and between the                                          HDFC and                                                , Superintendent.

The                                          HDFC Board of Director’s and the Superintendent have agreed the superintendent’s functions are as follows:

Cleaning Duties

  1. Clean basement and boiler room once a month.
  2. Cleaning of roof and roof areas once a month.
  3. Cleaning and sweeping of hall floors twice a week.
  4. Cleaning and sweeping of stairs twice a week.
  5. Mopping the floors and stairs twice a week.
  6. Cleaning of hall side of apartment door.
  7. Cleaning of hall side of window and sills monthly.
  8. Cleaning and sweeping of hallway floors every day.
  9. Sweeping of backyard once a week.
  10. Removal of snow and ice from sidewalk where building has frontage of less than 100 feet.
  11. Depositing of garbage in proper receptacles for disposal every day.
  12. Depositing of recycling materials in proper receptacles for disposal as required by law.


  1. Maintaining boiler at all times. Informing manager when fuel is low or there is a repair needed.

Mechanics and Supplies

  1. Reporting of necessary work to be done by outside mechanics to the Board of Directors.
  2. Reporting the need of tools, equipment, and fuel to efficiently service the property.

Drains and Leaks

  1. Clearing of local waste line stoppages where it can be done without removing the trap or fixtures.
  2. Clearing of drain stoppages.
  3. Clamping of leaks on exposed pipes or shutting off valves necessary to prevent further water damage.
  4. Tighten or seal gas pipes where leaks occur from wall to left and right nipple.
  5. Tighten of radiator couplings.
  6. Repacking and replacing of steam valves on radiators.
  7. Bleeding of radiators on hot water heating system.
  8. Locating wall plumbing leaks.


  1. Replace steam radiator valves.
  2. Minor repair on wooden doors for tenants.
  3. Repair hardware casement and metal double hung windows for tenants and shareholders (inside only)
  4. Change light bulbs in building hallway when necessary.
  5. Replacing and adjusting of door knobs and spindle.
  6. Lubricating of lock and latches on doors, windows, and mail boxes.
  7. Minor roofing patch repairs not to exceed one square yard.
  8. Minor cement patches not to exceed one square foot.
  9. Minor Plaster patches.
  10. Replace washers.

The superintendent will receive $                                 Monthly, 2 weeks vacation (one paid), workmen’s’ compensation and workmen’s’ disability. In addition, he will have 4 paid holidays (listed below) and 5 sick days. The super is expected to respond to accordingly in case of an emergency.


  1. New Year’s Day
  2. Fourth of July
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Christmas


                                                  , Superintendent  Date:                     

                                                  , Officer               Date:                     

                                                  , Officer               Date:                     

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