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Robert’s Rules PT 1: the basics for effective meetings

Robert’s Rules are a set of guidelines for running effective meetings that allow everyone to be heard and prioritize making decisions. This class explains the foundation of the process.

HDFC Election Practices

Join us to discuss implementing a smooth, non-controversial election.

HDFCs in ACTION: Affordable Housing is for All

Join the April meeting of Affordable Housing Is for All!

Taking Effective Minutes

Join us to discuss tools for taking useful and bylaws-complying minutes. Review and critique some sample minutes.

Shareholder Training Part 2: Co-op Legal Docs & Elections

A discussion and overview on the co-op governing legal docs, and steps and best practices during elections.

Shareholder Training part 2

An overview and discussion on cooperative governing documents, as well as election procedure and practices

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Calling a Special Meeting of Shareholders

A special meeting allows shareholders to remove the current board of directors and elect a new board.

How To Increase Participation

Help residents get interested and involved in running their building.

Running Effective, Democratic Meetings

Clear, timely, effective, and democratic meetings are key to a healthy cooperative.

Improving your Cooperative Board of Directors

Improve regular board meetings, learn the duties and powers of the board of directors, and make a cooperative policy checklist.