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HDFC Election Practices

Join us to discuss implementing a smooth, non-controversial election.

HDFCs in ACTION: Affordable Housing is for All

Join the April meeting of Affordable Housing Is for All!

Taking Effective Minutes

Join us to discuss tools for taking useful and bylaws-complying minutes. Review and critique some sample minutes.

Shareholder Training Part 2: Co-op Legal Docs & Elections

A discussion and overview on the co-op governing legal docs, and steps and best practices during elections.

Shareholder Training part 2

An overview and discussion on cooperative governing documents, as well as election procedure and practices

Resources (4)

Calling a Special Meeting of Shareholders

A special meeting allows shareholders to remove the current board of directors and elect a new board.

How To Increase Participation

Help residents get interested and involved in running their building.

Running Effective, Democratic Meetings

Clear, timely, effective, and democratic meetings are key to a healthy cooperative.

Improving your Cooperative Board of Directors

Improve regular board meetings, learn the duties and powers of the board of directors, and make a cooperative policy checklist.