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HomeOwnership Lending provides home loans exclusively to purchasers in limited-equity housing co-ops, including HDFCs and Mitchell Lamas. Designed with a comprehensive knowledge of low- and moderate-income borrowers’ needs, we aim to make truly affordable housing an attainable dream. An important part of our mission is to make sure that all New Yorkers, and particularly people of color, have equal access to owning a home in this rapidly growing and vibrant city.

If your HDFC is selling a unit, the Lending You Home Program can provide a good option for qualified buyers who require financing. Accommodating buyers who are using share loans will eliminate the need to find all-cash buyers and will help your co-op sell units faster. This helps provide housing opportunities to even more low- and middle-income families, preserving the dream for future generations.

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HDFC Experience

Contact: Alex Roesch

Address: 120 Wall St, New York, NY, USA

Phone: (212) 479-3339

Fax: (212) 479-3339

Website: homeownershiplending.org

Email: hol@uhab.org

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