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Up & Go is New York City’s cooperative platform for easily booking residential and commercial cleaning services from worker cooperative businesses. Our cooperatives are majority immigrant-owned and women-owned, and 100% worker-owned. Our platform (www.upandgo.coop) makes it easy to book and pay for cleaning services. Workers set their own living wages with transparent prices, enabling them to focus on delivering the highest-quality services to our customers. We have experience providing pre-and post-construction cleaning, event cleanings, deep cleaning, COVID-disinfecting cleaning, and regular cleaning services to nonprofit and business offices, warehouses, event spaces, social services organizations, co-working spaces, medical offices, multifamily buildings, and private apartments and houses. We use green and organic cleaning products and methods.

Cooperative BusinessMinority or Women OwnedSpanish

Contact: Araceli Gomez

Address: 443 39th St, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Phone: (646) 844-0334

Website: upandgo.coop

Email: info@upandgo.coop

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