WATCH: Seabury Co-op Revitalized

A new video shows how Seabury Housing Co-op in New Haven, Connecticut came back from the brink of foreclosure. This housing co-op was in serious trouble in 2019, when residents put together an ambitious plan to save their homes. UHAB provided technical assistance and training for residents, as well as a $500,000 bridge loan.

Thanks to our partners at Cooperative Development Foundation and Connecticut Green Bank, and congratulations to the residents of Seabury Housing Co-op for building community and preserving their homes for an astounding 50 years.

“I don’t treat this as a regular rental building,” says co-op owner Marcus Griffin. “I treat it as a cooperative, and I encourage people when they come in: do you know what a cooperative is? This is not just an apartment, this is a cooperative. We care about one another.”