Operating a co-op

Selling Apartments

Fill vacant units in your HDFC with UHAB. We help market units on our website, and we run homeownership classes for prospective buyers.

This service is free for UHAB members! In accordance with our mission, UHAB strongly supports the preservation of low-income housing in New York City.  We encourage co-ops to consider affordability when setting sale prices, and to follow the income guidelines when choosing new residents.

Contact Alex at roesch@uhab.org or (212) 479-3368 to learn more.

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Learn more about selling units

Guide to Resale Policies

Learn what your governing documents have to say about selling apartments, and how to create your own resale policy.

Sample Resale Policy or Amendment to Proprietary Lease

Sample policy on selling units in your HDFC, plus notes on capital improvements.

2021 Area Median Income Guidelines

What do income limits mean, how are they determined, and what are the income guidelines for 2020?